Free Play Bonuses


Free Play Lets You Play with the House’s Money

Everyone would love to play online casino games with the chance to win using the casino’s money. Some casinos actually offer such a deal. It’s usually called Free Time or Free Play. It’s a no deposit bonus of a pre-set sum of money to play for free with the chance to win! No deposit bonuses have become common at online casinos because gamers like to try out a casino before committing themselves with a deposit. These bonuses come your way automatically when you submit the registration form and are accepted as a player by the casino.

Pay Attention to Allotted Free Play Time

Free Time deals may be for as little as 30 minutes or as much as 24 hours! Even if you don’t win, you’ve played and enjoyed yourself with the casino’s money.

To Claim Your Free Play Winnings

If you win with your Free Time gaming, you need to make a deposit to claim your winnings. Each casino has its specific terms and conditions that apply to the Free Time bonus offer. It’s pretty obvious that no casino would just let you play for free, win thousands of dollars, and cash out. So, casinos do have some logical restrictions to the Free Play bonus offer.

Free Play Lets You Play & Win with the House’s Money

One common restriction is simply to limit the amount you can actually withdraw after winning at Free Play. The limit is usually in the $100-$200 range. Another common restriction is to require you to take the winnings as a deposit bonus. So, if the deposit bonus is for 100% and you won $1000, you would need to deposit $1000 to get your Free Play winnings as a bonus. Each casino is different so shopping around and reading the terms and conditions are very important.

When you take the winnings as a bonus, you have a play-through requirement to offset the bonus. So, even if you’ve won with the Free Play bonus, you might lose during the play-through time. Even if you do lose, you’ve had hours of great online gaming fun!
The casino might also restrict the games you can play. This would prevent you from winning a progressive jackpot or another large jackpot. The casino might limit the size of bets you can make.

Free Play Shows the Way to Online Gaming Fun

All in all, a Free Play no deposit bonus provides new gamers a lot of great, fun gaming at absolutely no cost to them!