Microgaming’s Top 3 Progressive Jackpots


In the world of online casinos, Microgaming clearly reigns supreme. The major software provider behind the best and most popular online games, Microgaming has become a guarantee of quality wherever and with whomever their name pops up.

Microgaming’s Dominance of Progressive Jackpots

One instance where they particularly impress, though, is with their progressive jackpots. Rather than being a kind of online slot game in and of themselves, progressive jackpots are parts of existing games that are linked with one another across dozens of different casinos, where a small percentage of each and every bet made are put aside as “seeds” into a larger jackpot that grows and grows until they are won by someone lucky enough to hit this very special jackpot.

Three of the Best

These progressive jackpots are tremendous incentives to try out one of the Microgaming online casinos but which of these games bring the biggest winnings?

Here are three of the very best…

  1. Mega Moolah. Actually a collection of games, all connected under the Mega Moolah umbrella. Simply put, if you want to win big – and I mean really, really big – with a progressive jackpot, these are undoubtedly the games you should be playing. With jackpots from “mini”, where you’re guaranteed at least 10 pounds, all the way to “mega” where the minimum payout of one million pounds has been known to reach as high as 13 million pounds, Mega Moolah’s online slots games should probably be your first stop to scratch that progressive jackpot itch .
  2. Mega Moolagh Progressive Jackpot

  3. Major Millions. Offered in three different forms – Megaspin, 5-Reel Video Slot and 3 Real Slot – Major Millions offers a jackpot of over 250 000 Pounds Sterling. It doesn’t boasts quite the numbers of Mega Moolah but it’s a fine and simpler alternative.
  4. Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

  5. Roulette Royale. For something a bit different, this progressive jackpot’s greatest appeal is that it offers major winning for those who would rather try their hand at a game of roulette rather than more traditional slots games. It also offers one of the most straightforward progressive jackpots around in that all it takes it the same number repeating five times in a row – even if that number is not the number the player bet on. It doesn’t have quite the payouts of the above two games but if you’re looking for a viable alternative to tried and tested slot machines, this may just be the the progressive jackpot for you.
  6. Roulette Royale Progressive Jackpot