The benefits of playing in an online slots tournament


As part of their promo packages, online casinos often offer online slots tournaments. They can be free roll events, fee-based competitions, or re-buys where you can purchase additional tournament funds once you’ve depleted the original bankroll. Notwithstanding the format, online slots tournaments are adrenalin-fuelled competitions that are fun to take part in. The action is swift and the aim is to accumulate points by hitting as many line wins as possible within the specified time frame. As there’s so much happening in a relatively short time, you’ll be amped, excited and highly entertained, whether you bag a prize, or lose the lot!

Boosted odds in online slots tourneys

Apart from the X-factor, you can win more and in less time than you can usually do in mainstream play. In fact, the top tournament prizes can eclipse that of the top payout in the game. This is because there’s a pool of players who contribute to the tournament winnings. If you top the tournament leaderboard at the end of scheduled play, there’s a good chance you’ll come away with a thousand dollars or more. To achieve similar rewards in conventional play, you’ll have to activate all paylines with the highest available stake… and there’s no guarantee you’ll hit the required winning combo.

Moreover, the odds of scooping up a slice of the money cake are better than hitting a top paytable win. Although there have to be multiple players to run a successful slots tournament, the figure is nowhere near that of the total number of subscribed players at the online casino. Furthermore, the endgame in the slots tourney is to accumulate points by totaling up all your wins, while in standard play, you have to hit a particular combination of symbols for a single payout!